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This site directory guide contains plenty of links to all the free tools a webmaster needs to design, develop, promote, optimize and host a website. MyWebGuider is a collection of quality tools for Webmasters, over 2000 Free Website Directory resources for your web development needs, and insightful articles and tips.

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Making a web page is a simple job that can be done in minutes by anyone with no previous experience. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the standard language for web pages. Once you know HTML, you can create your own web pages. Once you can create your own web pages, you can link them together to create your own web site. Will it be difficult to learn something this powerful? No. Programmers have already written many different programs that can write HTML. Learning HTML is easier than learning how to ride a bicycle.

What You Need to Start Your Website.

There are three things you absolutely must have to build a website:

  • A domain name - example: which you have to register online
  • A web host - provides you with the space, tools and support to create your web pages and email accounts.
  • An application - to create and manage your website content with.

Thinking about building a Website?

If you have a passion and knowledge about a subject, your main drive may be to publish information about it. Do a research and after you have developed a theme-based content site idea, brainstormed your topics "keywords", planned your site Concept, and chosen your domain name, you are now prepared in a way that few small business people ever prepare!

Up to now, it's been difficult to monetize that targeted traffic unless it was also part of a "primary business" such as selling your e-book or other products, or offering a service. Affiliate programs do bring revenue, but often not enough as the sole income model. Ad networks are hard to deal with. And chasing advertisers for your own site is nearly impossible.

However, Google AdSense has made commercial life for info-publishers a whole lot easier. You can build an entire business by creating and publishing great content about a subject... just because you love it. Start with AdSense -- the foundation for monetizing an information site. Sprinkle in some well-chosen, high-quality affiliate programs. Build "finder relationships" with local businesses and services.

Once you've done your research and selected an online business, you'll want to build your website. This is a huge topic, with plenty of information available on my web guides. Instead of telling you the nuts and bolts of website construction, I stress the importance of business design so that the site is effective.

Create alot of valuable content for your website that will draw people.

Search engines love unique content, which means that the content you feature on your website should not be anywhere else on the web.

Write about things that you know well. The more work you put into your pages, the more useful they will be for others. If you try to cover a large topic in a mediocre way, people will probably not bookmark and return. Rely on being good in a niche, these days search engines can drive traffic to you no matter how obscure the topic is. Your content needs to be amazing. If you can hit that sweet spot for your audience then the links will roll in.

Ask yourself the question: Why should anyone come to my website? If you can't find a good answer, then start building content. Choose topics that other people wouldn’t like to touch and do it wisely. The sites that have good content are the ones that make your audience laugh, think, get motivated, become informed, or, most importantly, come back for more.

Getting traffic to your website

The first thing an inexperienced webmaster should learn is search engine optimization, before ever making a page. The reason for this is simply because if they learn it after the page is made, it will cause them too much extra work that could have been avoided. You'll find a great deal of information in my guides about getting people to your website. Keywords are the basis of all optimization, and all pages should be named for at least one keyword the webmaster expects people to use when trying to find their page.Once you've learnt that, you'll want to get deeper into various areas like Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Techniques, Linking Strategies, Associate/Affiliate Programs and dozens of others.

Earning money from your online business

I come to earning money last because unless you do the research, build a site, create content, develop traffic, and build customer loyalty, you won't be making any money. It's simple: You've got to build the traffic before you begin to earn! Once you've got the traffic, then you must learn to sell online through internet marketing, affiliate programs and continue to raise your "conversion rate," the percentage of visitors who actually make a purchase from you.

Okay, that gives you a pretty good idea of how to get the most out of my website. Enjoy! I wish you God's blessing as you develop a successful online business.

Recommending one of the best Sitebuilder around to Build a Website That Works for You

If you plan to sell your products online or attract people to a website about something you feel passionate about and make it wildly popular, then it's important to look at a website builder that can really help you achieve that.

I want to share with you something that has changed my life. I attended a StoresOnline 90 minute "free informational" seminar back in June '07, which was misleadingly advertised as an "internet marketing seminar". I fall for all the nice talk on how you could make a lot money selling on the internet, after all it is not as easy as they make it sound. I attended their informative 1-day seminar for $50. The whole day was very informative and learnt a lot about setting up a shop on line. When I got home, I googled storesonline, and found out that this is a company with many, many unhappy customers, and is the subject of legal actions in some states in the U.S.A

StoresOnline and Imergent does its business by offering high-pressure seminars with well-presented stories about how easy it is to make money on the internet. Their sales people then convince people to spend thousands of dollars on their software package. Imergent and StoresOnline also lure consumers to seminars at local hotels and other venues with offers of "free training", free meals and free gifts.

As I was still interested in setting up an internet business, I later came across a site that soon changed my life. It's an online self-study course, called Site Build It! (SBI!) that shows you how to create, enjoy and have fun with your own successful internet business. It cost a fraction of the amount ($299)compared to StoresOnline ($3999-$6000) with many more tools not found anywhere else. It is a cost-effective and well-supported way to build a traffic-generating business on the web. Site Build It! also offers an unconditional 30-day, money-back guarantee. Make no mistake about it, SBI isn't a get-rich-quick scheme and investing time, effort and passion are essential.

According to available statistics on the internet, a very large percentage of online business ventures do not make it past the 1st year of operation. Why? The reason is simple. Firstly, they build a website and just wait for visitors to look for them from nowhere and secondly, a never-ending battle each website owner faces: the fight for traffic to their website. And it is this battle, especially for attracting free natural traffic from major search engines, where the vast majority of small businesses fail.

The solution can be found at Site Build It! created by SiteSell Inc., a privately held company based in Montreal, Canada.

About Site Build It!

When you visit their site, you will quickly discover that SBI! is an online self-study course with guides, a very active private forum for help-and-be-helped resource in the world and all the software tools such as

  • Perfect Preparation Tools
  • Build & Host Tools
  • Traffic Building System Tools
  • Trust Building Tools
  • Monetization Tools
  • Guidance & Support Tools and many more
that empowers anyone, from beginner to Internet expert, to build a successful online business from scratch.

The most relevant benefit provided by SBI! for online entrepreneurs is the power to attract targeted visitors on an ongoing basis. The traffic levels to Site Build It! sites, compared to regular sites and blogs, are impressive. According to a study:

  • 6 out of 10 Site Built It! site owners get more website visitors than 97% of all other websites worldwide.
  • And more than 3 out of 10 - a full 35% of folks using Site Build It! outperform 99% of all websites worldwide.

How Does SBI! Do It?

Invest the most important 30 minutes you will spend online which may change your life! Watch this entertaining, informative 30-minute video for the complete picture.

Here is what makes Site Build It very attractive:

  • It's perfect for beginners because it takes the technobabble away and makes the site-building experience smooth, enjoyable and frustration-free. And if, at any time, you decide to become more technical, the sitebuilder can easily keep up with your newly found skills.
  • Puts the fun back in creating something you can be proud of. In a few months you'll have a popular website, a thriving community or a profitable web business.
  • The SBI community welcomes you among thousands of other beginners eager to learn how to make a website. Their support, advice and motivation will prove invaluable in building your success pixel by pixel.
  • It gives you the tools, motivation, support and above all, the essential intelligence needed to make a website, one that shines for years to come.
  • Good money-back guarantee (they refund you if at any time you change your mind, whenever and whatever the reason -- yes, I know it sounds too good to be true and yes, I did ask them myself).
Bottom line, there's just one problem with Site Build It: it's so much more than a simple website builder. It's an entire 'how to make, learn, profit AND have fun' experience, but one that requires time and effort.

Site Build It! Now offers an unconditional 30-day, money-back guarantee. To get started, click here.

Sitesell or Wordpress

Success on the internet and building an online business is merely a sequence of steps. If you take all the right steps you will succeed and if go down the wrong path you will fail.

The purpose of this article is to ensure you take the right steps and learn from people who went down the wrong path before you.

You need to ask yourself a question now and be honest with yourself.

  • Can you set up a website?
  • Do you know what seo means?
  • Do you know how to optimize your pages to get good rankings?
  • What are a title, description and meta tags?

If you are unsure about any of the above then I am going to share with you how I learnt.....Sitesell.

Ken Evoy's concept for Sitesell and his main product Site BuildIt! is fantastic. When I first started I thought I knew a little about building a website, I could use software such as Dreamweaver and could upload pages through a ftp client.

How naive!

I didn't know anything about search engine optimization, titles, title tags, meta tags, pinging search engines and all the other technical stuff that is required to help you succeed on the internet.

What Ken has done with Site Build It! is simplify all that. You donít need to know any of the technical stuff because it is all done for you. Then, over a period of months as you are building your website you become accustomed to all the jargon and begin to learn it.

But none of the jargon can stop you building your website.

Sitesell has been set up to help the newbie succeed by handling all the technical stuff and letting you control how much technical stuff you want to handle yourself so your skills develop one little step at a time.

Does Sitesell work?

Well, seeing as my website was built using Site BuildIt! and ranks #1 on Google, Yahoo and MSN, and is on the first page of Google for 1.7 million search results I'd have to say yes it does! Try typing in "korean drama guide" into your favorite search engine and see where I rank today.

What then happens is without trying, over a period of time building your site with Site BuildIt! you learn all the technical stuff and may want to take your business that one step further.

Once you have a grounding it is easier to understand cms (content management system) platforms like Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal. Now you can start building multiple sites if you choose and can use the power of blogging to get your pages and articles ranked sooner.

If you are familiar with Joomla or Wordpress and fully understand seo and all the other technical stuff I would recommend Wordpress as a platform to build your online business but if you are starting out you need to start with Site BuildIt! so that you are successful whilst you are learning.


Free E-Books

Affiliate Masters Course


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The Affiliate Masters Course shows affiliates how to build a traffic-generating theme-based content site. From brainstorming and researching profitable keywords, to building SE-ranked Keyword-Focused Web pages using CTPM, to establishing profitable Pay-Per-Click campaigns, the course provides all the information needed for anyone to build a successful affiliate business.

Webmaster Business Course


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Thinking about becoming an independent Webmaster? The timing is right. More and more small business owners are looking for help as they make the move to online promotion. Most do not have the time or skills to build their own site. As a result, they are actively seeking affordable Webmasters.
Capitalize on this growing demand by setting up your own home-based business. Do the kind of work you love and reap all the financial benefits -- i.e., the profit!

WAHM Masters Course

WAHM- IT! Masters Course

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Best Work-At-Home Solution for Moms (WAHMs)...
An online business is affordable, flexible, and convenient. You can work at your Web business when you like, at the speed that suits you, and still put the all-important needs of your family first. In other words, you can take your family to work with you! It's free!

Site Build It!

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